Brow Obsession

Brow Expert Advise


After practicing HD Brows for the last four years I have become semi-obsessed with the perfect brow. There are so many options out there these days that you can use to fill in and correct your brows, while waiting for the brow hairs to grow in.

I though I’d give a few options that work best for me and my clients:


Powders are a great option because they fill the brow in naturally. You can create body with your brow without getting too much of a build up.

Picking the right colour: pick a tone that is as close to your natural hair colour and keep it matte.

HD Brows


Using a gel through your brow will define your brow a little more, this product is great for creating a stronger brow. Whether you’re looking to extend or recreate a new brow this product will do it for you.

Anastasia & MAC


The pencils on the market these days are fantastic, I remember when they used to be dry and chalky. Finding a good brow pencil has become a lot easier to go in search for. The pencils that work best and look most natural are the ones that have the soft waxy texture, they glide through the brow and fill in any bald patches.

TomFord & Laura Mercier

Brow Mascara

Brow mascara will keep your brows in place you can get them in clear or tinted ones to match and blend through your brows. This product is great for anyone who is looking for a natural finish to their brows.


Bobbi Brown