LVL Enhance Lashes

LVL Enhance Lashes (Lift, Volumise and Lengthen)

This week I thought I would write about my LVL Enhance an go into a little more detail about how the treatment works.

LVL Enhance essentially perms your lashes to lift and curl them. The treatment is super fast and the results are brilliant. This treatment really compliments HD Brows as they frame both the face and eye area. The LVL treatment is so great that you can put your mascara away for 6-8 weeks, you will get this long from the treatment!! It is just fabulous for your holidays as there is little to no maintenance.  

What it does?

This treatment lifts, volumises and lengthens you own natural lashes all in one treatment. Your lashes will look longer, curled and gives your eyes a more awake appearance.

Can you go without wearing mascara after the LVL treatment?

Yes. Your lashes are tinted during the treatment therefore mascara isn’t necessary.

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment is designed to last between 6-8 weeks.

How long does the treatment take?

LVL enhance treatment takes up to 45-50 minutes.

Do you see the results straight away?

Yes. You see the results immediately.

Who is the treatment designed for?

The treatment is designed for almost everyone, unless you have no lashes.

Will it damage my lashes?

No. This treatment will not damage your lashes.

Can you get lash extensions after getting LVL Enhance lashes?

Yes. you can have individual lashes applied to your lashes after having the LVL enhance treatment. This is a great treatment for people who have very straight lashes and need a curl for the individual lashes to sit properly.

This treatment is just magical, I’m officially in love!!