Threading | Waxing | Tinting


The art of threading originates form India. A cotton thread is used in the treatment  and the tread is twisted and rolled along the skin, taking the unwanted hair out clean from its root. This treatment is non invasive and leaves the skin silky and smooth. 

Facial Threading: Threading can be done all over the face, it is not only designed for the eyebrow area.


There are different types of waxing, Creme Wax & Hot Wax.

Creme wax is applied to the skin in the area that the hair needs to be removed and a strip is used to remove the wax. Whereas Hot wax is applied to the skin cooled slightly and then removed straight from the skin. 

Tinting Brows & Lashes

Tinting your eyebrow & Lashes helps to enhance your features. Combining a tint to your treatment will help the brow to stand out and create more definition for your eyebrows.

Tint & Tidy

Sometimes your brows need a tidy before your next HD Brow appointment, this express fifteen minute treatment whips your brows back in to shape and gives them a quick lift without compromising your brow growth.